Innovative Brands Limited, Kilbrew, Ashbourne, Co Meath. Ph: 01 835 2568

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The integrity of our Iced Teas is paramount to our business and our approach. We have created products of the highest quality, taste and goodness. The range comprises eight flavours, four dark teas and four green teas.

The range is :
• Peach Iced Tea
• Mango Iced Tea
• Lemon Iced Tea
• Sour Cherry Iced Tea
• Elderflower Green Tea
• Apple Green Tea
• Mandarin Green Tea
• Spearmint Green Tea

Our teas are made from carefully selected raw materials from different parts of the world. The tea itself is sourced from plantations in Sri Lanka, and the fruit is sourced from sustainable farms and responsible growers in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

All our teas strive to give a delicious, nutritious and refreshing experience. They are all fat-free and have no added sugar or additives or sweeteners.

All the packaging materials used are recyclable and we encourage all our partners and customers to act in an environmentally responsible manner.